Enhance and streamline recruitment

Accelerate hiring and elevate candidate experience. Leverage the power of asynchronous video messages and make the entire recruitment cycle more personal and scalable.

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Face-to-face-like conversations

Put people at the center of your communications with video. Branch videos and make it feel like a real conversation.

Record once, reach thousands

Have numerous concurrent video conversations, reach multiple candidates asynchronously with just one recording.

Save time, save them time

Cut off the back-and-forth, and overcome time differences with automatic interview scheduling and async interviews.

Scroll-stopping sourcing

Reach out potential candidates with interactive video messages and stand out from the crowd.

Automate the screening process

Streamline your workload with pre-recorded video interviews, automate interview scheduling, and evaluate candidates without losing the personal touch.

Elevate your selection process

Leave a lasting impression. VideoAsk transforms the candidate experience for both successful and unsuccessful applicants.

Organized and friendly onboarding

Use interactive video to immerse candidates in your company culture, outline responsibilities, introduce colleagues, and give first assignments.

Features for recruitment

Integrate with your ATS and calendar

Integrate with your ATS (e.g. Greenhouse) and calendar, to manage all your applicants in one place and let highly qualified candidates directly book an interview.

File Upload

Drop-off analysis

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